ABT Unleashes 720hp Upgrade for the Overlooked Audi RS7

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While Audi’s RS6 Avant often steals the spotlight, the equally impressive RS7 has been quietly waiting for its turn to shine.

ABT 720hp Audi RS7

Abt unleashes 720hp upgrade for the overlooked audi rs7 2 1

The RS7, a powerful V8 saloon, has often been overshadowed by its estate counterpart, but Abt is here to change that with their new RS7-S, an upgrade that boosts the car’s power to a staggering 720hp.

Audi’s hot Avants are renowned for their performance and versatility, often leaving the saloons and coupes in their shadow. The RS7, despite being a stellar performer, tends to be forgotten amidst the fanfare for the RS6. But now, as the era of V8 Audis nears its end, the RS7-S arrives to remind us of its capabilities.

Abt's RS7-S is not as radical as their -R models but still represents a significant upgrade. The car’s power jumps from 600hp to 720hp, thanks to enhancements in the ECU and exhaust system. Torque sees a similar increase, reaching a massive 700lb-ft. These figures suggest that the RS7-S can hit 62mph in about 3 seconds and potentially reach speeds around 200mph. These numbers are extraordinary for a five-seat executive car.

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Abt also includes coilovers and anti-roll bars in the RS7-S for improved handling and driving dynamics. The 22-inch wheels, though seemingly detrimental to ride quality, are designed to be weight-optimized, potentially reducing unsprung mass. The aerodynamic package adds glossy carbon blades, lips, skirts, spoilers, and RS7-S badges, giving the car a more aggressive look without overdoing it. The new rear diffuser complements the quad 102mm exhaust tips, adding to the vehicle’s sporty appeal.

Abt unleashes 720hp upgrade for the overlooked audi rs7 3 1

Inside, the RS7-S features additional carbon elements and red ‘RS7-S’ accents, ensuring it stands out from the standard models. The price for this transformation is substantial: €48,900 (£41,650) including VAT and Abt warranty, with an additional €5,940 (£5,050) for fitting. This brings the total close to £50k. Considering that older RS7 models have depreciated to around £60k, this upgrade offers a compelling package for those seeking a high-performance Audi.

The Abt RS7-S ensures that the RS7 doesn’t fade into obscurity. With its significant power boost and thoughtful enhancements, it’s poised to be remembered alongside the beloved RS6.


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