BMW Skytop Unveils Its Most Powerful V8 Engine Yet

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Earlier this week, BMW showcased its impressive history of concept cars at the Villa D’Este Concours with the unveiling of the Concept Skytop.

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This latest addition hints at the continued legacy of beautiful designs, now paired with an exceptionally powerful engine, a formidable V8.

The Skytop concept emphasizes style over substance for the time being, so details on its engine are sparse. BMW has confirmed it features the most powerful V8 in its current lineup. This could mean the 635hp variant of the S63 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine from the old M5 CS or the hybrid version already seen in the XM, boasting up to 748hp. Regardless of the specifics, the Skytop is undeniably powerful.

This immense power pays homage to the BMW Z8, which, 25 years ago, also carried the most powerful engine in BMW’s stable at the time, the 400hp S62 5.0-liter from the M5. It’s fitting that the Skytop is seen as a spiritual successor to the Z8. Design cues include a central spine running through the bonnet, interior, and rear, emphasizing the car’s dynamic silhouette. The bespoke lights, sitting on milled aluminum carriers, hint at future production car innovations, such as super-slim technology and organic LEDs.

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The exterior of the Skytop is described as having 'taut, muscular surfaces' defined by precise lines that push the car's volume towards the rear, accentuating its front-engine, rear-drive layout. Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s design chief, called the Skytop a “truly unique and exotic design” offering a blend of driving dynamics and high-level elegance.

A Villa D’Este concept wouldn’t be complete without an opulent interior, and the Skytop delivers brogue-style leather upholstery crafted at BMW’s saddlery in Dingolfing. The leather even extends to the rollover bar, enhancing the sense of luxury and spaciousness. The roof, also leather, consists of two parts that can be manually removed and stored in the boot, ensuring a smooth transition from interior to exterior.

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The rear deck features a color gradient applied by a single master painter, adding to the car’s bespoke craftsmanship. BMW describes the Skytop as combining 'power, precision, and craftsmanship in an open two-seater for luxurious travel. While the M8 Convertible already offers similar qualities, the Skytop pushes the craftsmanship element even further, hinting at a future where BMW’s flagship models allow for more personalized touches. If the Skytop reaches production, BMW will likely be in high demand.

The BMW Concept Skytop is not just a beautiful homage to past models like the Z8 but also a showcase of the brand’s commitment to combining power and precision with luxurious craftsmanship. This concept hints at an exciting future for BMW's vehicles, where bespoke design and customer personalization will be paramount.


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