BMW Concept Skytop Leaks Before Official Reveal

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While the official reveal isn’t until Friday, the Concept Skytop has already leaked online, because let’s face it, nothing stays secret on the internet for long.

Leaked BMW Skytop Concept

Bmw concept skytop leaks before official reveal 1From what we’ve seen, the Concept Skytop looks stunning. It resembles an 8 Series speedster and brings back some classic design elements, like a shark nose and more traditional kidney grilles. The rear lights are reminiscent of the slim, elegant lights of the Z8. Interestingly, the Z8 is featured prominently on the Villa D’Este homepage, suggesting a deliberate nod to this beloved roadster.

Over the years, we've seen the 8 Series in 2017, which was nearly production-ready, the 2002 Homage that seemingly inspired the current M2, and the 3.0 CSL Hommage R, which influenced the recent limited edition 3.0 CSL. Although we’re still waiting for a Z4 shooting brake, BMW’s track record suggests they enjoy giving us a taste of what’s next. Now, let’s talk about the new Concept Skytop and why it might join the ranks of concepts that transition to reality.

Bmw concept skytop leaks before official reveal 2 1The Skytop also sports wheels that evoke the old turbofan M5 rims, a plushly reupholstered BMW interior, and standard mirrors, indicating it’s more grounded in reality than some of BMW’s more outlandish concepts. This design seems poised for production, which is exciting news for BMW enthusiasts. However, details about the roof mechanism are still a mystery. The name and the look suggest a spider-style temporary roof, which would add a touch of glamour to its almost-ready-for-production design.

Although BMW hasn’t released official information yet, we’re eagerly speculating about the Concept Skytop’s future. Some sources suggest it could be a new Z5, pushing the front-engine, rear-drive sports car further upmarket—a trend BMW seems to be following. The interior includes an off switch for the stop-start system, confirming it will indeed have an engine. The overall vibe is reminiscent of the 8 Series, but with the M4 becoming faster, more luxurious, and pricier, we’re left wondering about the future of BMW’s larger models.


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