AGTZ Alpine A110 Twin Tail Le Mans Edition: Racing-Inspired Marvel

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Zagato is set to produce just 19 units of their exclusive Twin Tail, each requiring over 1,000 hours to handcraft. Starting at €650,000 (£550,000) before taxes, this masterpiece becomes one of the priciest four-cylinder cars ever.

AGTZ Alpine A110 Twin Tail

Agtz alpine a110 le mans edition racing inspired marvel 2 1The new car, derived from the Alpine A110, is an ultra-lightweight racer designed for road use, boasting a powerful 248bhp engine. This high-performance vehicle is the result of a collaboration between the renowned Italian design house Zagato and Polish supercar dealer La Squadra. The partnership aims to merge cutting-edge racing technology with street-legal functionality, offering a unique driving experience that combines speed, agility, and style.

Crafted with precision by Zagato, this stunning creation showcases the artistry of carbon fiber construction, ensuring a lightweight and agile driving experience. Its standout feature? An innovative elongated rear deck, offering versatility for drivers with the option to switch between long-tail and short-tail configurations, earning its name, the "Twin Tail". With the extended deck, this beauty stretches 622mm longer than the standard A110, providing both enhanced aerodynamics and a unique aesthetic flair on the road.

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The creators of this marvel boast it has significantly enhanced aerodynamics and stability at top speeds, setting it apart from its predecessors.

Under the hood, the Twin-Tail harnesses the turbocharged 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine from the base-model A110, delivering good performance. With a claimed top speed of 155mph and a fast 0-62mph sprint time of under 5.0 seconds, the AGTZ Alpine A110 Twin Tail promises an adrenaline-pumping ride. For comparison, the standard A110 achieves the 0-62mph dash in 4.5 seconds and matches the 155mph top speed.

While Zagato has yet to unveil the official curb weight, experts anticipate a lighter load thanks to the Twin Tail's carbon fiber construction. The standard A110 weighs in at 1102kg, suggesting that this bespoke beauty will offer even more nimble handling and agile performance on the road.

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Jake Pietzrak, the visionary behind La Squadra, said “In an era of rapid change within the automotive industry, electrification intensifies competition, challenging the differentiation of products based solely on performance and driving experience.

"Design emerges as a pivotal factor, empowering artisan coachbuilders to showcase their craft and deliver bespoke projects that elevate daring brands above the competition. The AGTZ Twin Tail exemplifies a bold stride into this dynamic new era.”

Prospective Twin Tail owners will relish a plethora of customization options, spanning 19 distinct paint shades, nine liveries, and enhancements such as an uprated exhaust system and carbon-fiber wheels, ensuring each vehicle is a unique expression of individuality and style.

You can catch a glimpse of the car at the upcoming FuoriConcorso event on May 25-26. But wait, there’s more! Mark your calendars because customer deliveries are set to kick off this October, promising an unforgettable driving experience for new owners.



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