Alfa Romeo Launches 505-HP Quadrifoglio Super Sport Edition

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The Super Sport pays homage to Alfa Romeo's historic Mille Miglia victory in 1928. While this connection might seem a bit stretched, we're thrilled to embrace these models in any form, especially with only a few years remaining to enjoy them.

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The newest iterations of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio models are set to captivate enthusiasts with their exceptional performance and allure. These vehicles represent the pinnacle of Alfa Romeo's series production, offering thrilling driving experiences that few can match. However, it's worth noting that Alfa Romeo won't be producing these high-performance models for much longer, making them even more coveted among car fans.

The price tags for these models have indeed increased, with the saloon now priced at £80,000 and the SUV at £90,000. In today's market, where everything seems to carry a premium, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Yet, the value these cars offer justifies the investment for those passionate about top-tier performance and Italian craftsmanship.

Adding to the excitement, just a few months after the release of the 520hp variants, Alfa Romeo has announced UK-bound special editions of both the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio. These limited editions promise to deliver an even more exclusive driving experience, further solidifying Alfa Romeo's legacy in the performance car segment.

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The Stelvio and Giulia models maintain their mechanical specs, featuring the recent upgrade to 520hp and the introduction of a new differential. The Super Sport enhancements focus mainly on aesthetics. Notably, the cloverleaf badge has been redesigned with a black background, a first in over a century. Available paint options include Vulcano Black and Etna Red, with the Giulia also offered in Alfa White. Inside, you'll find stylish red-tinted carbon fiber accents and contrasting seat stitching. The Giulia headrests will be marked '1 of 275' and the Stelvio's '1 of 175', highlighting their limited edition status. Both models come equipped with a standard Akrapovic exhaust system.

Alfa romeo launches 505 hp quadrifoglio super sport edition 4 1Although the exact UK allocation is yet to be detailed, these special editions will be available in the UK, a market known for receiving exclusive Alfa Romeo models like the NRING and Sauber F1 editions. The Super Sport editions are priced competitively, with the saloon starting at £82,815 and the Stelvio at £91,835. These cars are tailored for devoted Alfa Romeo fans and will be dearly missed when they are no longer available.


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