Introducing the dAHLer Competition Line: BMW F91 M8 Cabriolet

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Experience heightened luxury and power with the dAHLer upgrade for the M8, delivering up to 740 horsepower. As enthusiasts of the renowned Munich-based manufacturer know, the larger and more luxurious the BMW model number, the greater the expectations.

BMW F91 M8 Cabriolet

Daehler competition line f91 m8 cabriolet 01

The latest iteration of the BMW 8 Series, launched in 2018, revitalizes the iconic nameplate after nearly two decades of anticipation. Among these, the top-of-the-range M8, especially the M8 Competition variant, embodies the epitome of luxury and performance, available in Gran Turismo (F92), Gran Coupé (F93), and Cabriolet (F91) versions.

Nestled in Belp near Bern, Switzerland, Christoph Dähler's team at dAHLer Competition Line has pushed the boundaries further by enhancing the M8 Competition's power output. With two upgrade levels, dAHLer elevates the M8's performance from 600 horsepower (or 625 horsepower in the Competition model) and 750 Nm to 700 horsepower and 870 Nm. These enhancements for the 4.4-liter S65 twin-turbo V8 include options like a sports filter or a fully carbon fiber air intake, coupled with center and rear mufflers crafted from premium stainless steel.

Ensuring compliance with EU/Swiss homologation standards and the WLTP Euro6d guidelines, dAHLer guarantees the performance enhancements and hardware upgrades meet stringent regulations.

Daehler competition line f91 m8 cabriolet 02

For those seeking even more power, dAHLer offers the possibility of boosting the M8 to a staggering 740 horsepower and 880 Nm, with additional features such as exhaust valve control and the removal of the Vmax limit.

Enhancing driving dynamics, dAHLer presents two chassis-lowering options: the "built by dAHLer" sport springs and the "built by dAHLer" high-performance coilover suspension, allowing for customizable height and stiffness adjustments to suit various driving conditions and preferences.

Daehler competition line f91 m8 cabriolet 03

To complement the technical upgrades, dAHLer offers a selection of specialist rims, including the CDC2 Forged rims, available in sizes tailored for the M8 and designed to enhance its aesthetics. Additionally, the optional carbon fiber aerodynamics range, featuring front spoiler lip, rear apron, and side skirt attachments, provides further opportunities for visual customization, all certified by EU and Swiss homologation.


Daehler competition line f91 m8 cabriolet 07

Inside, dAHLer provides the option for a complete interior overhaul with premium leather and Alcantara, alongside a range of complementary interior accessories, including dAHLer Competition Line foot mats.

With the dAHLer Competition Line, the BMW F91 M8 Cabriolet attains new heights of luxury and performance, promising an unparalleled driving experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

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