View the ten finalists for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour of this year

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There will be some incredible competition during the event, including a pair of terrifying BMW bubble cars and an MGB GT powered by Jaguar.

Ten finalists for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour

The Hot Wheels annual Legends Tour finalists have been revealed ahead of the event's conclusion on Saturday, November 11. The Legends Tour was founded with the intention of giving builders of custom cars an opportunity to display their creations. It is well-known for being one of the biggest travelling auto exhibits in the world and drawing competitors from all over the world.

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The winning vehicle is then immortalised as a 1:64-scale model, but getting there isn't simple considering that Jay Leno will be leading the panel of auto fans who will judge them. Now that the 2023 finals have advanced past their respective national qualifiers, let's take a look at the regions they represent.

Michael Wallhead and the MG "B-EAST" in England

Hot wheels 1 0Michael's MGB GT was constructed over the course of eight years, with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Several parts from ostensibly unsuitable customers were used in its construction, including the 3.0-liter AJV6 engine from a Jaguar, the prop shaft from an old Range Rover, the axle from a Reliant Scimitar, and even the brakes from a Nissan Silvia S14. The seat covering is created from old jeans, while the throttle bodies are taken from a Triumph motorbike. Is it possible for Bicester's tiny pretender to win with charm?

France: The "Golgoth I" by Thibault Lagardere

Hot wheels 2 0The fact that this amazing-looking machine was constructed in Le Mans, France, is almost poetic. Thibaut's design, dubbed the "Golgoth I," was assembled using an aviation tank and then equipped with a V8 flathead engine and free-flowing exhaust, drawing inspiration from the post-war machines that were primarily used for beach racing. appropriate poster book content.

Germany: The BMW 2002 by Philip Jager

Hot wheels 3 0What do you get when you swap in a BMW M5 bi-turbo V8 engine for an old, neglected BMW 2002 Tii Touring? Perhaps high blood pressure, but mostly a strong candidate for the Legends Tour crown. Philip's 2002 then won this year's German leg of the qualifications after he had spent the previous few years turning this almost 50-year-old automobile into a drifting machine.

David Sebastian and the Nissan Juke in Indonesia

Hot wheels 4 0Constructed to imitate the Juke racing vehicles that participated in the DTM series and the Japan Grand Touring Championship (yeah, that was a thing), David has equipped his car with a unique manual gearbox and 450bhp engine for racing. In the world of Juke, he must be considered a herculean figure of some kind.

Samuel Lechowicz and the Daihatsu Hijet in Poland

Hot wheels 6 0This is the exact "car" that the Legends Tour is based on, so welcome. Here is a unique and terrifying way to frighten yourself: a 1985 Daihatsu Hijet with a motorbike mounted in the back instead of the car's original engine. Since Daihatsu Hijets aren't often available as motorcycles, Samuel was forced to alter practically every component, from a new bespoke floor to a whole redesigned suspension system.

Juan Carlos and the 928 pickup in Mexico

Hot wheels 7 0Juan Carlos, the representative of Mexico, tore up the 1980 Porsche 928S's blueprint and started again with the sole intention of converting it into a pickup. Juan can now ride the 928 with two bikes, two surfboards, a foilboard, and a slalom ski thanks to the alteration. When things get rough, a full-length skid plate, a specially made roll cage, and new off-road tyres all work together to give it an advantage. We would adore to see it attempt a trip to the North Pole.

USA (Georgia): The Chevrolet Camaro and Michael Scire

Hot wheels 8 0Michael Scire bought this 1981 Chevrolet Camaro when he was just 15 years old, which is one of the more touching tales from this year's finalists. He's spent many hours tweaking it throughout the eighteen years that have passed, and this year he made the decision to join the Legends Tour. With an 18-inch total body length reduction, the second generation model even boasts a hand-built 350 cubic-inch LT engine and a bespoke exhaust setup. It's loud, as you can probably guess.

USA (Texas): Mercedes-Benz 300D by David Almanzan

Hot wheels 9 0Over the past few years, David, an instructor for an automotive technology school, has had over 260 pupils contribute to the design of the Merc 300D by utilising it as the focal point of several of his seminars. Wider wheel arches to enclose the all-terrain tyres and a suspension raise package are noticeable modifications that pay homage to the car's strong rallying heritage. Probably okay with the occasional pothole, one thinks.

Michael Brown and the BMW Isetta twins in Arizona, USA

Hot wheels 10 0These two BMW bubble cars, which have since carved out two very different courses for themselves, round out the list. 'Big Dill,' a 1957 BMW Isetta dragster with a 1,200cc Harley-Davidson Shovelhead engine, is the first. Then, farther back in the picture is "Pickle Jar," a 230 Chevrolet Isetta with a straight-six engine whose main function is to transport Big Dill. These two have had to be the closest thing an automobile could have to the insane rag dolls Chucky and Tiffany.


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