Worth $1.1 million, a 1,000 BHP Chevrolet Suburban

shawn By On 10/12/2023 at 09:29

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Now, welcome to the "million-dollar masterpiece" of the Californian company: a sixth-generation Chevrolet Suburban that has been carefully restored, reassembled, machined, and polished.


Los Angeles-based builder Icon's new creation

Like all of Icon's builds, the shape is unmistakable. According to what we've been informed, this specific commission started out as an entirely original three-door Chevy, painted exactly as it was when it left the factory in 1970. Icon created, produced, and added a fourth door for convenience at the client's request.

As a lovely little tribute, Icon machined the client's initials into the driver door handle's button, since the client's family actually worked on the original Chevrolet production line.


ICON Reformer 1970 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN with TWIN TURBO CHARGED Nelson Racing Engines 427!!!


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