BMW Z4 GT3 street car with supercharged V12 power!

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A BMW Z4 GT3 race car has been transformed for the road over the course of eight months by Florida-based tuner Gooichi Motors.


BMW Z4 GT3 race car for the road

The Mercedes-Benz M120 engine, which is supercharged, has taken the place of the car's original 4.0-liter BMW V8 engine because, well, why not? The crank-driven V12 engine that powered the Silver Arrow M154 race car in the late 1930s served as an inspiration for Gooichi's crew, who saw an opportunity to transform the Z4's new heart into a contemporary recreation of that engine.

The chassis fit in with relative ease and didn't really require any modifications to make room for the engine. Considering that the Z4's bonnet is longer than London Bridge, this is hardly shocking. What truly shocks me, though, is the team's output target: 1,500 horsepower. That provides a new meaning for "terrifying" and is more than three times as much as the factory version.

Fortunately, drivers can also regulate the amount of available boost. Therefore, it is possible to locate a useful sweet spot by adjusting the horsepower rating, even though it can also be used at full capacity for display purposes. Additionally, a sequential six-speed gearbox has been installed.


Supercharged BMW Z4 GT3 Race Car, Converted to a Street Car


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