Here's what Mansory wants to do to your brand-new Range Rover

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Mansory has released information on its new Range Rover refinement program. Look at what Mansory has done to the new Range Rover, my goodness!


The New Mansory Range Rover

Featuring brand-new aero add-ons, carbon fiber styling accents, a performance pack, interior accessories, and even a complete interior makeover if you so choose.

Due to its exterior design, incredible cabin comfort, and impressive array of technology, the new Range Rover has performed well in testing. To put it bluntly, you would think that Mansory would not be able to significantly enhance the standard vehicle. You would be correct. But then again, don't some people just like to stand out from the crowd?

The Range Rover options initially appear to be fairly low-key and subtle due to Mansory's typically outrageously bold revisions. However, once you take a closer look at that carbon bonnet, the widebody arches, and the enormous 24-inch wheels, any notions of subtlety will have completely vanished. Also, take a look at that enormous rear bumper and diffuser set. The sleek lines of the standard Range Rover are gone.

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In addition to new carbon mirror caps, side skirts, air vent covers, and two rear spoilers on the decklid and roof, Mansory also offers a carbon fiber "grille mask" to match its angry front bumper.

The performance packs are easy to add to the ECUs and can boost the powertrain of your chosen Range Rover by up to 94 horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque.

Upholstery in the cabin can be updated with plush leather combos that appear to be selected based on customer preferences. The indulgence is completed by sports pedals, velvet floor mats, and mansory illuminated entrance panels.

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