Manhart intends to do this to the new Range Rover

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Do you require extra gold? There's enough of it in the Manhart Vogue RV 650.

Have you placed an order for a new fifth-generation Range Rover and are unsure how to personalise it once it arrives?
Manhart, a German tuner, has some ideas - this is the Manhart Vogue RV 650.

Is there enough gold for you?
Manhart claims it will paint your Range Rover in its "signature black exterior design," which will be complemented by numerous gold stripes and massive gold wheels.

All of the normal chrome parts will be replaced with melted down mayoral chains, and the seats will be retrimmed in leather and/or Alcantara, depending on customer request.

Manhart also claims that the BMW-sourced 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 will be upgraded from 530bhp to 650bhp, and that a 'chassis upgrade' option will be available to 'increase stability,' which sounds reasonable.

Video: Manharts Gold Range Rover

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