The new Range Rover SV

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There are a lot of luxury alternatives for 2022, so there's no reason for two Range Rover SVs looking the same.

This year, JLR's Special Vehicle Operations will release a new Range Rover SV, with a long list of fancy options.

In fact, the SVO department estimates that there are 1.6 million distinct combinations of premium items available, ensuring that you won't be embarrassed if you run into a fellow owner at the local golf club.

SVO's offering is underpinned by two design themes: SV Serenity and SV Intrepid, which can be used separately or in combination inside and out.
To cut a long storey short, the former is more concerned with luxury, whilst the latter is more concerned with'stealthier' styling elements.
View the pictures above to make your own decision.

The automobile is distinguished from the basic model by an exclusive redesigned front bumper and five-bar, metal-plated grille, as well as 14 additional exterior colours to pick from.
SV also offers a Bespoke Match to Sample paint service, so the options are nearly limitless.

For the first time, ceramic controls and surfaces adorn the gear shifter, Terrain Response, and volume controls on the inside.
These are made at 1,500 degrees Celsius and then diamond polished or sandblasted to obtain a satin or gloss finish.
This isn't light work, though, as it takes about ten weeks to complete.

Meanwhile, a hand-laid mosaic design can be specified across the wood veneer.

SVO managing director Michael van der Sande stated, "Working with the finest materials and innovative technology has enabled us to integrate even more luxury into every aspect of the New Range Rover SV."
"Our new white ceramic SV roundel on the tailgate symbolises this attention to detail and quality throughout the vehicle."

The roundel, of course.
The Range Rover SV will be the first vehicle to use the new simplified SV nameplate, as the company has opted to abandon the SVO moniker.

The 523bhp V8 twin-turbo petrol, D350 straight-six diesel, and 503bhp plug-in hybrid are all available, albeit the latter is only available on short-wheelbase models.

Early this year, order books will be available, with prices to be determined.
However, the online configurator is already operational and ready to use.
Now there's a method to make your first day back at work fruitful...

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