There is already a firm producing replacement rear lights for the Range Rover

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When the new fifth-generation Range Rover was launched last week, there was a lot of design talk. We lost track of how many times the phrase "minimalism" was uttered.

You can't satisfy everyone, after all.
As a result, Glohh, a British manufacturer, has already presented some new lights for the back end.
People, get to work.

We must warn you, though, that there is a lot more design talk here.

"By adopting a horizontal light strip over the whole length of the tailgate, the concept light signature is aimed to offer a symmetrical sense of light, establishing a clear design structure and an obvious road presence," Glohh adds.

"With the introduction of the Mood Matrix System (MMS), a user-defined display that allows you to change the identity of the GF-1 rear light at any time, customers will have the option of three light signatures, each revitalising the Range Rover's rear view with a unique design depth reflecting the vehicle's front."

In actual life, that translates to something like: "You have three alternatives for backlighting."

What do you think of the new look, Internet?

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