This 216mph Ford GT pays homage to the legendary 1966 Le Mans victory

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The Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition is the final special edition Ford GT built to commemorate numerous GT40 racing victories.

This one honours the best — Ford's 1-2-3 victory in the 1966 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The first question that comes to mind is probably the most important.
Who is Holman Moody, exactly?

Holman Moody, on the other hand, is a now-defunct race team that aided Ford in making the MkII GT40 race car extremely fast.
Holman Moody (and, of course, Shelby American) were tasked by Ford's Le Mans committee to sort out the fundamentals over the course of eight days.

Brakes, suspension, and tyre configurations, for example.
Even a self-contained 'box.'
Of course, it paid off when Ford won in 1966.

It gets a gold and red paint job, a few 'No 5' roundels embossed on the body, gloss carbon fibre components, carbon fibre interior fittings, Alcantara, and more gold on the inside.
The brakes, suspension, and tyres are all the same as the'regular' Ford GT, and the twin-turbo V6 engine is still 647bhp and incredibly quick.

"It's the same automobile from 1966."

The Holman Moody's signature gold and red theme is an incredible tribute to our 1966 Ford GT Heritage Edition livery, out of all the Ford GT Heritage Edition liveries thieve done.


Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition - Ultra limited production supercar

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