Manharts BMW M2 Carbon Body kit ‘MH2 560’ package

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Known as the "MH2 560" package, the total cost is projected to be £31,000. With the addition of new catalytic converters, downpipes, and a matte black stainless steel exhaust system, your M2 will gain an additional 100 horsepower and 74 lb ft of torque.


MH2 560 Carbon package for your BMW M2

Manhart will give you a new set of six-spoke Concave One alloys with a diamond-polished finish, a small suspension modification, and even new coilover springs to add some more visual flair to the increased oomph and heightened soundscape.

Some carbonised elements of the appearance, like a new bonnet, kidney grilles, bumper inserts, and a lip spoiler, are the more obvious improvements. Even a larger diffuser is added to the back to frighten off anyone daring to tailgate.

Since the package isn't currently available as a complete kit but rather as a selection of separate things, the price isn't fixed. There's also no buy two, get one free deal. However, if you include the entire suite, such as the vinyls and starry roof, the 16-part kit would come to about £31,000.

Considering that the average car already starts at sixty grand, it's not inexpensive. However, something tells us that Bimmer enthusiasts will find this appealing. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it gives an already contentious car's style extra controversy.


All New MANHART MH2 560 is based on the BMW M2 G87!


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