Brand-new "Widebody RS" package for Cupra Leon

shawn By On 01/02/2024 at 10:57

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For the Cupra Leon, German tuner JE Design has developed a brand-new "Widebody RS" package.


JE Design has developed a brand-new "Widebody RS" kit

According to reports, this front-wheel drive hot hatch produces 180 kg of downforce at 124 mph thanks to the enormous and very ridiculous rear wing configuration. Additionally, the top piece of the swan neck made of aluminium is said to "provide even more stability." Practical.

Thankfully, JE Design states that the new front spoiler which reportedly has the ability to be changed between "race" and "street" positions must be placed in conjunction with the rear wing. This will supply the front axle some much-needed extra downforce.

There are also new side skirts and wheel arch extensions that, presumably, maximise brake cooling. Additionally, "a kind of air curtain through the inlets and outlets" is produced by the widebody.


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