The Bentley Unifying Spur is an art car with a lot of pride

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Bentley has created an art car based on the Flying Spur. The Unifying Spur, as it's known, is a brightly coloured sign of how diverse the British automaker wishes to be.

The Bentley Unifying Spur is an art car with a lot of pride

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“On its road towards a climate-positive future, the 101-year-old firm is undergoing unprecedented change,” we're told, Bentley apparently fond of talking about itself in the third person.

“Bentley strives to become the most diverse luxury automobile company by recognising the fundamental relevance of varied experiences and viewpoints in driving creativity and innovation.
To that purpose, it has established a goal of boosting management diversity to 30% by 2025.”

The Spur was designed by painter and sculptor Rich Morris and includes the ‘love is love' emblem as well as all of the colours of the Progress flag – the Pride rainbow with the addition of black, brown, pink, and white to represent people of colour, trans communities, and those living with (or who have been affected by) HIV.
The goal is for this Spur to "symbolise humanity's unifying power, regardless of ethnicity or creed."

As European Diversity Month comes to an end and June's pride celebrations begin, the Unifying Spur lands quite neatly.
The automobile will float about on a tour of events, demonstrating how varied employment underpins Bentley's future objectives, which include making all of its vehicles totally electric by the end of the decade.

Video: Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy Unifying Spur

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