Insane Koenigsegg Render by Yasid Design

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It's an unofficially rendered 'off-road' version of the company's ballistic One:1 hypercar by Yasid Design.

This is the Koenigsegg by Yasid Design


Although it's not an official Koenigsegg product, this one might be exactly what we need at the moment.

It is a completely unofficially created "off-road" variant of the company's ballistic One:1 hypercar by Yasid Design. And it is, you have to admit, a striking object.

"I like to think it's not in off-road mode, but it might seem too low or dropped to be an off-road Koenigsegg," Yasid explains to It's just a road mode or show mode," he says.

Now that we have that resolved, let's talk about how insane this thing appears. Yasid was inspired by "pre runner" trucks, which are vehicles designed to survey off-road racing routes ahead of time. Thus, the enormous off-road tyres and

In addition, he adds a rear diffuser, wider arches, a monstrous back wing and even a spare tyre affixed to the roof. It's basically what happens when Bruce Wayne visits Christian von Koenigsegg and asks for something to do over the weekend.

He says, "I always enjoy taking expensive supercars and hypercars and tinkering with them to see what we can come up with." "A lot of purists take offence at this, but in some ways, it's what I personally enjoy doing—the things you would least expect."

We can both agree on that. Although this Koenigsegg was created by Yasid Design to handle off-road courses, we believe it was designed for the end of the world.

Yasid Design

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