The new bodykit for the Ford Transit Custom

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The modest Transit Custom gets transformed by German tuning group Loder1899.


Transit Custom gets modified by German tuner Loder1899

It's not often that these terms are used together, but a German tuner has unveiled a new bodykit for the Ford Transit Custom. However, we assume that words will have completely failed you whether you are a trader, a consumer of commercial vehicles, or a transit enthusiast.

Considering how amazing this transit looks. The Loder1899 Ford Transit Custom Street welcomes you. Loder1899 is "the esteemed sister company of delta4x4," the latter a fine purveyor of a horde of modified off-roaders.

In contrast to the Transit, there aren't as many specifics on the changes, but your eyes will lead you through the most important ones. such as the diffuser on the back bumper, the "elegant" new arches, the "innovative grille without the Ford logo," and the new front bumper.

Together with the reduced suspension, the amazing 20-inch matte black "classic" wheels would seem to improve the Transit Custom Street's road handling. which is exactly what fans of commercial vehicles have been clamouring for.

Loder1899 ford transit custom street offroad standard

Although no engine improvements have been mentioned.

According to the manufacturer, "the Loder1899 Ford Transit Custom Street will stand out from the crowd, whether for business purposes or as an individual lifestyle companion."

Additionally, Loder1899 has provided a picture of this Street variant with two additional altered Transits, both of which are very attractive.

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