Totem Automobili GT series model, 'GTAmodificata'

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Only five units will be manufactured, each priced at nearly one million pounds. Despite the seemingly exorbitant cost, the capabilities of this contemporary take on Alfa's classic racer are truly remarkable.



The GTAmodificata features the same V6 engine as the GTSuper, but it has been enlarged to 3.2 liters from 2.6 liters. Additionally, the six-speed manual transmission has been replaced with a sequential gearbox. This modification results in an impressive output of 810bhp and 538lb ft of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels of the car. With a weight close to one tonne, the performance of this vehicle is truly remarkable. In addition to the increased power, the GTAmodificata also boasts new Bilstein suspension and dampers that are specifically designed for this model. Paired with Pirelli Trofeo R tires, these enhancements are expected to deliver a thrilling and high-speed driving experience on twisty roads.

Totem automobili is set to complete the production of its gt series model gtamodificata 11 1The vehicle's exterior is constructed completely from a material known as 'carbon fiber' in order to decrease weight and enhance the structure, as well as for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the interior of the car is predominantly adorned with exposed carbon fiber and Alcantara.

Riccardo Quaggio (CEO of Totem Automobili) Said: "Our goal was to create a genuine racing car to conclude this series of vehicles, therefore collaborating with another prominent Italian brand, Italtecnica, to develop a contemporary iteration of the Giulia GT racing car that achieved great success in the '60s and '70s seemed like the perfect beginning."


Totem GTA modificata | 810 CV e telaio in CARBONIO...

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