The DeLorean's most significant issue is resolved

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The area under the engine cover appears exceptionally tidy, and according to the video, the installation process mainly involved bolting in with few modifications to the vehicle.

Gallery: DeLorean with a high-performance Honda engine

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a well-known car, largely due to its appearance in a popular movie franchise. Despite its sleek design, the original rear-mounted V6 engine only produced 130 horsepower, leading many to believe that DeLoreans were fast when, in fact, they were not as speedy as they appeared. However, this particular DeLorean has addressed this issue quite effectively, especially for enthusiasts of Honda vehicles.

John Thompson's modified DeLorean, showcased in a recent YouTube video by HondaPro Jason, now features a K24 Honda four-cylinder engine in place of the original six-pot. Not only is this 2.4-liter engine an improvement over the original 2.8-liter one, but it also comes equipped with a turbocharger and is optimized to run on E85 fuel. As per the video, this modified DeLorean now boasts 400 horsepower on regular pump gas, with the power output increasing to 450 hp when using E85 fuel.


Honda K Powered & Turbocharged DeLorean

The delorean s most significant issue is resolved by the installation of a high performance honda engine 3

the engine replacement did not significantly increase the weight at the rear of the vehicle. It is important to remember that the DeLorean is a rear-engined car, with the engine mostly positioned behind the axle. To effectively transfer the power to the wheels, a six-speed manual transmission from a Porsche 911 is utilized. The suspension has been enhanced with coilovers and poly bushings, and the powertrain is securely placed in the engine bay, thanks to specially designed mounts for both the engine and transmission.

The DeLorean's factory air conditioning system was kept intact throughout the modifications. The video captures genuine amusement from the driver during the test drive, showcasing the car's thrilling performance. Unrestrained laughter mixes with the exhilarating turbo boost and rising revs, although the driver does admit to feeling a bit uneasy about the car's stability at high speeds.

The delorean s most significant issue is resolved by the installation of a high performance honda engine 1

In a realm filled with LS and 2JZ swaps, opting for a turbocharged K24 engine could be an excellent decision when constructing an enjoyable DeLorean. Not only is it fast, but it also produces a pleasing sound. There's certainly nothing amiss with that.



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