Liberty Walk's Mazda Autozam AZ-1 Ferrari F40 Kit

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The Liberty Walk Ferrari F40 Kit costs $22,660, with an additional $14,300 for the wheels.

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At the Tokyo Auto Salon the previous year, Japanese tuner Liberty Walk displayed a widebody modification for the Ferrari F40. This year, the business transformed a Mazda Autozam AZ-1 into a miniature replica of the renowned Italian supercar. The outcome is too cute to handle.

The AZ-1's front end receives a complete transformation with the installation of a new front fascia and hood, resembling the iconic F40. Additionally, canards are added to the corners and an extended splitter enhances the aerodynamics. However, it is important to note that the dual round headlights are not included in the upgrade package, as mentioned on Liberty Walk's page.

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The AZ-1's stance is enhanced by the widened fenders at both ends, while the beefy side sills connect them seamlessly. Additionally, Liberty Walk has incorporated new door panels that feature an embossed NACA duct design, reminiscent of the iconic F40's aesthetic.

Liberty walk s mazda autozam az 1 ferrari f40 kit 3The back of the car features a high, stationary wing with large endplates. The updated rear bumper contains reflectors, but excludes the taillights, as stated by the manufacturer. Additionally, a diffuser with extended strakes can be found in that area. Although Liberty Walk does not specifically refer to the exhaust, the images reveal a three-pipe configuration mounted at the center, similar to the F40.

There is a lack of information regarding any modifications to the interior, however, it is evident from the photos that the sport seats are not original. Should you possess an AZ-1 and desire to transform its appearance to resemble that of a legendary Ferrari, Liberty Walk offers a body kit for $22,600. Additionally, the customer must make arrangements for the painting and installation of the components.

Liberty Walk offers a set of six-spoke forged wheels in a sleek black finish as well. These wheels have a diameter of 16 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear. The price set by the company for these wheels is $14,300.

The AZ-1 stood out as a thrilling vehicle within Japan's kei class. Its appearance, even in its original state, exudes the charm of a miniature supercar. The inclusion of gullwing doors further enhances its sporty appeal. Powering this remarkable car is a mid-mounted turbocharged 657cc three-cylinder engine, delivering 63 horsepower, while a five-speed manual transmission efficiently transfers power to the rear wheels.


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