Widebody Toyota GR86

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American tuners increase the GR86's width and downforce.

Modified Widebody Toyota GR86

It's obvious that some individuals believe it might be developed further.

Take a moment to admire the widebody GR86's manga-spec wheel arches, wings, and sheers.
With correspondingly enlarged front and rear tracks, there is a full five inches more girth across the front and six in the back (minds out of the gutter, now).
On the other side, it appears that there is just enough ground clearance to buzz cut a caterpillar.

You would typically be spot on if you think that this is exactly the kind of thing that would originate in Japan.
But this time, an American corporation is responsible for this very obvious equipment.
Well, strictly speaking, Californian, which in the "Oh yes, certainly still United" States of America is kind of a law unto itself, but still very much that part.

You better believe it's not simply a matter of aesthetic glitz as it comes from a business that is really named Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO for short).
With its swan-mount rear wing and full 90 kg of downforce at 110 mph, ADRO also promises that it will drag less.
We're speculating that the wider track, heavier equipment (supposedly weighing in at roughly 110kg), and belly-scraping ground clearance may have caused the cornering speeds to increase by a few miles per hour.

This raises questions about the newly upgraded, more powerful, and torque-rich 2.4-litre engine.
The 2.4 seems like a much better match for the vehicle it powers, whereas the earlier 2.0 was a little lacklustre.
However, if you later add weight, downforce, faster cornering speeds, and a lower centre of gravity, the objectives have been shifted once again.

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