Modified BMW M4 by ADRO

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Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization (ADRO) claims to be the first business to commercialise an alternative front bumper for the bmw m4.

Modified BMW M4 by ADRO

To make a better comparison, they have offered a side-by-side image.

Comparison adro stock g82 front bumper side by sideIf you want to completely modify your M vehicle, ADRO has also created side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a rear wing. There is also an extra front lip that you can purchase separately.

According to Davis Lee, head of ADRO design and a former employee of Mercedes and Rivian, "We had a particular purpose and that was to solve all the bad principles of this front fascia and develop a front the M4 deserves."

The M3 and M4 are regarded as the king of high-performance sedans, and throughout the M3/existence, M4's BMW has never strayed from the mark in terms of design.
The most recent version of the M3/M4 was designed in a simply flawed front, therefore we felt this was our chance to correct it.

Thermoplastic olefin and carbon fibre are both used in the manufacture of the ADRO bits (TPO).
The factory mounting points are still utilised, and all of the regular sensors and cameras may stay if you decide you prefer this design better.

According to reports, the front bumper will cost $3,500 when it is introduced at SEMA 2022, and the carbon fibre front lip will cost an additional $800.

Prices for the additional components have not yet been released, but considering the uproar that followed their announcement, you undoubtedly have ideas.

Please describe them below.

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