Bronco Fun-Runner LT features 42-inch tyres and an absurd amount of suspension travel

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The widebody Bronco RTR Fun-Runner was developed by Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s firms RTR Vehicles and Fun-Haver Off-Road in collaboration for the SEMA exhibition last year.

Bronco Fun-Runner LT

The even more extreme Bronco RTR Fun-Runner LT is shown at this year's SEMA show in a very McLaren-like fashion.

Of course, in this case, LT does not stand for "Longtail."
The Fun-Runner LT receives portal axles and a crazy suspension package with a whole 18 inches of travel in the back and 16 inches up front, thus it should actually be read as "Long Travel."
Oh, and the 42-inch tyres are MASSIVE to top it all off.

According to RTR and Fun-Haver, the LT can now handle "King of the Hammers-like terrain" while still being "road-friendly."
Additionally, we are informed that buyers will be able to purchase it soon.

The LT receives Fun-Haver fibreglass broad arches, modular front bumpers, high-clearance rear bumpers, and weld-on rock sliders in addition to the suspension modifications.
The 20-inch wheels have an MBRP exhaust system to help the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine breathe easier, which helps put the size of those tyres in perspective.

The entire thing is built on a 2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Badlands, but instead of seats inside, there are four Recaros, plus there are some incredible spotlights over the windscreen.
A new hydraulic steering system and an RTR grille are also included.

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