Modified Ford Bronco ‘ProRunner’

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This is not your typical Ford Bronco, as the image and perhaps the headline may have hinted.

Short overhangs, optional 35-inch tyres, 415lb ft of low-down torque, and locking diffs make the Ford Bronco hardly a slouch off-road, according to APG, but the ProRunner is a very other beast.

You'll notice enormous off-road tyres, axles as robust as a Brunellian bridge, and enough ground clearance to drive across Kent without ever moving the steering wheel, as befits a customised off-road vehicle.

However, anyone can put large tyres and Dana 60s under a Bronco and declare success.
Saying APG has advanced a little would be a little understatement.

In case you were interested, there are larger, beefier boxed and billet control arms that are billet on top and boxed on the bottom.

For 14.5 inches (37 cm) of suspension travel on 40-inch tyres and up to 16.5 inches (42 cm) on 37-inch tyres, racing coilovers mounted to elevated and strengthened shock towers are used.

What about the actual dampers?

The Bronco from APG has triple bypass shock absorbers.

The tyres and new axles alone add 14 inches of girth over a conventional Bronco, and it still manages to be four inches wider than the full-nutter Bronco Raptor. This is even before you add aerospace-grade carbon fibre fenders.

Let us know your thoughts on this modified bronco. Modified Rides.



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