This revolutionary package will transform your Porsche 964 into a monster off-roader

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Russell Built is back with a new product that has sparked our attention.

The Californian company is now selling conversion kits so that regular folks (with enough money to buy a Porsche 964) may turn their 911s into off-road monsters.

The Safari Sportsman kit shown here starts at $135,000 (assuming you already own a 964) and includes installation, paint, and tune, according to Russell Built.

The package is a touch more subdued than the complete Baja 911, focused on the suspension system and that 'Turbo-look' widebody, but it appears to have been fitted on the Rothsport Racing 911 that won its class at the 2021 Baja 500 in Mexico.

RBF founder TJ Russell states, "In the last several years, we've been equipping and prepping some of the world's most extreme off-road focused 911s."
"We wanted to take our expertise and experience and make it more accessible to owners of 964s."

The suspension, hubs, brakes, wheels, and tyres are all replaced as part of the Safari Sportsman change, resulting in a wider track, a two-inch larger wheelbase, and ten inches of wheel travel.

All of the extra rally-spec lighting and the carbon fibre roof rack are optional extras with the widebody package, which also includes new front and rear bumpers, front and rear arch extensions, and all of the underbody protection.
Go ahead and check any box you can think of.

A roll hoop and a harness bar are also available – the latter is probably the best choice – and RBF will even improve your 964 gearbox and engine if your budget permits.
In case you were wondering, there are 310bhp, 350bhp, and 400bhp versions available.

What are your thoughts, people?


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