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Six-wheeled Mercedes X-Class

On 11/05/2021

In Off-Road

Dutch dealership Classic Young timers has commissioned this rad 6x6 modified pick-up truck.

Six-wheeled Mercedes X-Class

“Off-road-ify everything” could well be the company’s not-so-catchy slogan.

Still, it’s previous projects now look a little bit tame compared to this – a humungous six-wheeled Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck that’s inspired by Merc’s own G63 AMG 6x6.

Now, Polish tuner Carlex Design first mooted the idea of a 6x6 X-Class back in 2018, and its name now features on the fancy roll hoop here, so we can assume it is they who have done the work. Classic Young timers assures us that this is a complete one-off though, so clearly Carlex weren’t inundated with orders originally.

What a mighty looking thing it is. The custom subframe allows room for a third axle, whilst the body has been lifted by 10cm to fit the custom alloy wheels and giant off-road tyres. Classic Young timers wants the buyer (yep, it’s already sold, sorry) to actually use this thing on rough terrain, and the dealership has even taken a pop at G63 6x6 owners…

“You want to drive this ultimate Mercedes off-road truck instead of just looking at it at the nearest gas station,” says the press release. Ouch.

That’s also the reason for what’s under the bonnet. It’s the standard 254bhp 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 diesel engine from the X350d. Nice and workaday. The interior is pretty standard too, as is the exterior paint job, but the bed has been extended and the grille is now an AMG job.

Is this a 6x6 that you’d actually use?