Jay Leno Takes a Spin in the BAC Mono

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For those seeking the ultimate street-legal formula race car experience, the BAC Mono stands out as the top choice.

BAC Mono

Jay leno takes a spin in the bac mono

Since its debut in 2012, the single-seat roadster known as the BAC Mono has garnered attention, now in its second generation. Recently, automotive aficionado Jay Leno took the wheel of this remarkable vehicle, joined by company co-founder Ian Briggs, who provided insights into its engineering marvels.

Established by siblings Ian and Neill Briggs in Liverpool, England, BAC prides itself on innovation. Their latest creation boasts a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine, delivering 315 hp in standard form and 343 hp in the Mono R variant. Paired with a 6-speed sequential transmission, the mid-mounted powerhouse exclusively propels the rear wheels.

Weighing in at under 1,300 pounds, the BAC Mono achieves an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, surpassing that of most hypercars on the market. This lightweight design enables the Mono to conquer racetracks with impressive agility, outpacing even the most formidable hypercars in lap times.


2024 BAC Mono R - Jay Leno's Garage

Despite its extreme nature, the Briggs brothers and their team successfully homologated the design for road use, a challenging feat as explained by Ian Briggs in the video. One significant hurdle was meeting pedestrian crash safety requirements without compromising the car's design integrity.

In the U.S., pricing for the Mono starts at approximately $300,000 for the standard model and $335,000 for the lighter and more potent Mono R variant.

For Mono owners keen on track experiences, BAC intends to establish a one-make series centred around the Mono, initially in West Asia, including renowned Formula 1 racetracks. The potential for expansion to other regions remains open, contingent upon the series' success.

In the video's conclusion, Leno takes the Mono R for a spin on California's canyon roads, offering his driving insights. For a comprehensive look at this street-legal formula car, watch the video above.

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