Lexus LFA involved in collision with £300k worth of damage

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The limited edition supercar, one out of only 500 ever produced, skidded off an icy road in the month of January. Experts have approximated that the expenses for its repair will amount to a staggering sum of $500,000.

Lexus LFA involved in collision

Lexus lfa involved in collision with 300k worth of damageIt is truly disheartening to witness the damage inflicted upon a supercar, especially when it involves a Lexus LFA.

This particular model holds even greater significance as it is one of the limited 500 cars produced by the Japanese manufacturer between 2010 and 2012. Recently, a video circulated in January of this year, showcasing a silver LFA that had encountered an unfortunate incident on a slippery road near Atlanta, Georgia.

The footage captured the car being loaded onto a flatbed. Now, YouTuber David Patterson, also known as ThatDudeinBlue, has successfully located the vehicle and had a conversation with its owner regarding the incident.

The car owner should be commended for taking the car out on a rainy January day, but this video serves as a reminder: if you're driving a powerful rear-wheel drive vehicle on anything other than a sunny and dry day, it is important to exercise caution.


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The vehicle's owner clarified that the incident was a result of hydroplaning on a heavily rain-soaked road, leading to the car spinning out of control. The collision with a fire hydrant on the right-hand side caused a significant tear in the carbon fiber bodywork.

Additionally, the car sustained substantial damage to the rear as it went down the embankment, resulting in one of the tires being ripped off the rim. Fortunately, the majority of the car remained in good condition: the red leather interior was mostly unharmed except for a few loose trim pieces. Interestingly, despite the impact, the airbags did not deploy. The car's main feature, the powerful 4.8-liter V10 engine, also appears to have come out of the incident unscathed.

The owner's well-being is of utmost importance, and fortunately, he emerged unharmed from the accident. He is in high spirits as he gives David a tour of the car.

Despite the damage, the owner intends to have the LFA repaired. However, due to its carbon fiber construction and the scarcity of parts for such a rare vehicle, the cost of repairs is expected to be exorbitant.

The owner estimates that it will range between $400,000 and $500,000 (approximately £315,000 to £390,000). It is worth noting that back in 2010, a brand new LFA had a price tag of £340,000 (equivalent to around £500,000 in today's currency). However, exemplary models of the LFA are now commanding prices exceeding one million pounds.

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