A forest harbors decaying race cars from the days of thunder

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Two vehicles believed to have been utilized in the 1990 NASCAR movie "Days of Thunder" have been discovered.

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1990 NASCAR film "Days of Thunder"

Initially discovered by Motor1, the YouTube channel Coors Bandit has just released a video showcasing the retrieval of cars from two different spots in Florida. These vehicles were left abandoned in the forest and are currently in a state of disrepair. Notably, both cars display liveries that are easily identifiable from the film.

In the film "Days of Thunder," Tom Cruise takes on the role of Cole Trickle, a race driver facing financial difficulties. Trickle makes the decision to switch from open-wheel racing to NASCAR, believing that this change will improve his chances of winning. With the guidance of crew chief Harry Hogge, skillfully portrayed by Robert Duvall, and the support of his former rival turned friend Rowdy Burns, played by Michael Rooker, Trickle quickly becomes familiar with the complexities of stock car racing. This movie not only inspired comical parodies but also served as the foundation for a video game based on its captivating storyline.

In the video, there is a car that displays the Hardee's livery of Russ Wheeler, portrayed by Cary Elwes. Wheeler initially replaces Trickle after a crash but eventually becomes his primary rival on the race track. On the other hand, another car showcases the Mello Yello livery and is numbered 51, which corresponds to the car driven by Trickle in the movie's climactic scene.


Finding and bringing home 2 film used Days of Thunder race cars

Although the cars are no longer decaying in a forest, it seems that the irreversible damage has already been done. The new proprietor of both vehicles asserts that they cannot be restored, but intends to preserve them in some manner.

As per the video, it is revealed that both cars were utilized as stunt vehicles, which could possibly explain why they were abandoned. In a 2020 documentary about the production of Days of Thunder, it was mentioned that Hendrick Motorsports constructed some genuine NASCAR Cup Cars for the film, complete with cameras, which were then entered into actual races to capture footage.

The documentary also alludes to the existence of a camera car, comprised of a 1986 Chevrolet El Camino body mounted on a NASCAR Cup chassis. Perhaps, someday, this car will also resurface.


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