Lamborghini Centenario tractor

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In 2016, to commemorate what would have been creator Ferruccio Lamborghini's 100th birthday, the £1.7 million Lamborghini Centenario was introduced.


This Lambo is as unique as they come

The artist Adler Capelli created five tractors to honour Mr. Lamborghini's century, each of which was made from components from pre-existing automobiles from the 1960s. It also seems extremely spectacular.

You may recall that in 1948, before he rose to fame for his supercars, Ferruccio set out to make tractors using components from discarded military vehicles. Smart cookie, Mr. Lamborghini. He and his business would go on to market their own production tractors with considerable success. Lamborghini Trattori is still in business today, in fact.

Lamborghini centenario tractor2Let's go back to the tractor you saw in the earlier photographs. While information is few, we are informed that the vehicle is two-wheel drive, has a manual gearbox, consumes diesel, and has 311 kilometres on the odometer. The side plaque says that the vehicle is powered by a 2.2-litre three-cylinder engine from a DLA 35. I bet it also produces a wonderful amount of noise.

Additionally, the tractor was left unpainted by artist Adler Capelli in order to subsequently produce a patina effect (that old appearance brought on by oxidation). However, since the asking price is 480 000 Swiss Franc, or around £430,000, we're not sure we'd want to leave it outside. Or, for that matter, use it on the farm.


First Lamborghini Centenario Tractor in Monaco 2017 - Stavros969


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