A radio-controlled Hoonicorn V2

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The closest any of us will ever come to really driving Block's subzero Mustang is with this small, battery-operated 1/10th scale radio-controlled Hoonicorn V2.

The project, which consists of a completely printed and painted body, a "fully completed chassis with electronics," and a radio transmitter and receiver, is the work of a firm by the name of Team Associated.

It boasts a three-pole brushed electric motor, real injection-molded callipers and discs, a two-channel radio system, sealed diffs, ball bearings, an aluminium motor plate, bolt-on steering plates, one-piece tie rods and steering links, shock towers, and even adjustable body post height locations.

For your $395 investment, you get little in the way of electricity.
The 7.4V or 11.1V device, a battery charger, and 4 AA batteries are what Hoonigan suggests.

The new Team Associated Hoonigan Hoonicorn is a tyre-slaying beast, according to Hoonigan, who says it is built on an entirely new 4WD Apex2 chassis.

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