Some of the worst modified car wings ever!

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Modified Rides have put together some of the world's ugliest car wings we have ever seen on modified cars.

Some of the worst modified car wings ever!

Modified Rides has meticulously compiled a fascinating showcase featuring some of the most unique and eye-catching car wings ever seen within the world of modified automobiles. Prepare to be amazed as we present an eclectic array of unconventional designs that push the boundaries of automotive customization.

From towering monstrosities to sleek and streamlined innovations, these car wings represent the diverse creativity and individuality of automotive enthusiasts around the globe. Whether it's for performance enhancement, aesthetic appeal, or sheer attention-grabbing flair, these modified car wings are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Right, let's begin with this pile of w###!

Dry your laundry on this japanese crapwagon

stupid spoiler

What in the world was they thinking! Did they just decide one day that they needed a ladder ?


Here's one for you


I think there benefit money must of stopped, so he tried making his own spoiler from cardboard! LOL



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This one is just OTT (Over The Top)




This guy forgot that spoilers go on the rear of the car and not the bonnet!

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What in the world....





Can't tell if it's part of the traffic light or a spoiler

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This guy is going to the moon! But stopped for a brew at his mums house before he flew off.

8544 min





There is downforce, then there is downforce...May the force be with you.

Feature 2



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