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1,200bhp is produced by this 1972 Chevrolet Blazer

On 29/01/2023

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A 1972 Chevy Blazer that was constructed using billet aluminium, carbon fibre, and 3D-printed parts took over 8,500 hours to complete.

1972 Chevrolet Blazer

What was the outcome?

You're looking at a true bully in all the ways they terrorise people around them: it's enormous, vicious, and obscenely strong.

Unless you can describe 1,200 horsepower in another manner.

But given that a) this is a Ring brothers built vehicle and b) this Bully is wearing a Blazer and has 6.8 litres of LS3 to work with, with an additional 2.9 litres of supercharger on top, such huge numbers were sort of expected.

Just for the sake of comparison, 1,200bhp is more than seven times as potent as the '72 Blazer's top power output.
Although we think 170 horsepower would have sounded quite good back then, we also have a sneaking suspicion that things have changed a bit in the intervening 50 years.

As you might anticipate, Ringbrothers has thought to add a few pieces of reinforcement considering that it has the kind of energy that would twist a conventional K5 till it resembled a K9's hind limb.

Like a completely new chassis, an equally excellent four-link suspension, Currie-built Dana axles, and a stronger 4L80E from Bowler Transmissions, for example.

We had a suspicion that the aforementioned beef-up was, well, let's just say comprehensive and essential, given our own experience with the 4L80E.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but we also discover high-energy this and toughened that to the point where we're not even sure the completed result matches the transmission that left GM.

The words "hard" and "high-energy" seem to sum up the entire construction, as much as they may characterise the reengineered gearbox.

The carbon fibre flared wheel arches and bonnet, the billet aluminium supercharger cover, the Dominator fuel injection system, and even the tyres, a set of Cooper Discoverer STT Pros, appear to be armoured against stones.
And, if everything else is equal, sticks as well.
Additionally, we have reliable information that names will never harm kids.

Anyhow, despite how little they may appear, the wheels mounted in those Cooper-branded, rock-armoured things are actually 18-inch HREs, which give the entire contraption a feeling of size.


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