A racing engine powers the 1,000bhp Chevy Super Truck named ENYO 1948.

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The most outrageous build Mike and Jim Ring have ever completed is a vintage 1940s farm truck. It took them only 10,000 hours to complete, and it fulfilled their long-held desire to create an "anti-street-rod."

Chevy Super Truck named ENYO 1948.

In fact, it hardly counts as a truck.
A 1948 Chevy pickup's cab is visible up top, resting on a "low-slung, open-wheeled car-style chassis."
The truck has been wedge-cut, chopped, lengthened, narrowed, and has carbon fibre body components, including one piece that spans the width of the chassis.

Additionally, Todd Goodwin's 8.4-liter (510 cubic inches) racing engine is injected by Ringbrothers into this chassis.
Feels adequate.

With a new fuel management system and an eight-stack injection system, this engine can produce 1,000 bhp. Additional modifications include a Bowler Performance Corvette torque tube transaxle, independent suspension with Ohlins dampers, enormous Brembo brakes, and unique Porsche 911 wheels fitted with racing slicks.

Ringbrothers super truck centerscene 03

It has cutting-edge air conditioning.
Electric windows are present.
The fuel tank is made of stainless steel.
The clamshell bonnet can be opened using electromagnetic latches.
Side exhaust pipes made of 58 feet of titanium are present.
There is a new detail to catch your eye everywhere you turn.

Jim Ring explains, "We have been quietly planning this build for years, imagining and reimagining how it would eventually take shape.
The finished product, a truck that should never have met, is truly a super vehicle.

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