Modified Ford F-150 Lightning

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The SEMA build by Tjin Edition includes recaro seats, solar charging, and a roof tent.

Modified Ford F-150 Lightning

Traveling long distances in an EV can still occasionally be a hassle. Almost never are the cars at fault; rather, the infrastructure frequently isn't up to the task.
However, this might help a little bit because it's Tjin Edition's interpretation of a Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford and Thule worked together to build it, with Thule providing the roof box and the additional box that sits on top of the pickup bed. The second one, however, is a complete fold-out roof tent, not just additional storage. Heck, you could simply pop that up when you arrive at a fast-charger, take a quick nap while plugged in, and then immediately resume driving. Brilliant.

There is a tonne more as well. Ford refers to this SEMA 2022 build as a "Swiss Army Knife," and it is easy to see why after reading the spec sheet. Four Recaro seats, an onboard fridge, a cooking station out back, solar charging (which likely helps power some of the extra electric bits), a portable air compressor, and a gun safe in the centre console are all present. I'm not sure if that last bit was really necessary.


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