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1,012bhp Hennessey Mammoth

On 07/02/2023

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For less than $20,000, Hennessey's new Overland Edition pack may be fitted to your customised RAM 1500 TRX.

1,012bhp Hennessey Mammoth

It appears that Texan tuner Hennessey is expanding beyond producing bespoke 300mph+ hypercars, six-wheeled pickup trucks, and 1,000bhp+ Mustangs, as it has unveiled a new options package it's dubbing the "Overland Edition."

The pack is compatible with Hennessey's Mammoth 900 and Mammoth 1000 versions of the RAM 1500 TRX, and with the latter you do still get 1,012 bhp (the former makes do with just 900 bhp), so it's not like the brand is veering too far from its roots.

The actual living space is a rooftop tent that rests atop a TRX bed rack and has a retractable 55-inch awning for a little additional on-land weather protection.
The Overland Edition also comes with LED illumination, a 28-inch wood-splitting axe, a pressurised water tank, auxiliary fuel tanks, and other tools.
Your total cost, including installation, will be $19,950.


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