Review of the test drive experience with the 2024 RAM 2500 HD Rebel

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In a groundbreaking move, Ram has addressed the longstanding compromise on hauling capabilities for Power Wagon buyers with the unveiling of the Ram 2500 HD Rebel in late 2022.

Introducing the Ram 2500 HD Rebel: Revolutionizing Hauling Capabilities for Ram Power Wagon Enthusiasts

Review of the test drive experience with the 2024 ram 2500 hd rebel 1

This off-road marvel not only embodies rugged adventure but also boasts enhanced work capability, revolutionizing the landscape for truck enthusiasts.

The Ram 2500 HD Rebel stands as a testament to Ram's commitment to delivering uncompromising performance, blending off-road prowess with robust hauling capabilities. This powerhouse vehicle redefines expectations, catering to individuals seeking both adventure and practicality in their trucking experience.

By seamlessly integrating off-road capability with increased work functionality, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel offers a comprehensive solution for drivers who demand versatility without sacrificing performance. Whether navigating challenging terrain or tackling heavy-duty hauling tasks, this vehicle proves to be a reliable companion for any adventure or workday.

With its innovative design and unparalleled performance, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel sets a new standard in the realm of off-road trucks. Experience the ultimate blend of power and versatility with this game-changing addition to the Ram lineup.

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Regrettably, addressing the concerns of Ram Rebel buyers has led to a series of compromises that inadvertently provide competitors with an advantage.

The concept was to engineer a truck that would excel both as a formidable workhorse and maintain the off-road prowess synonymous with the Power Wagon. However, in pursuit of this goal, the Ram HD Rebel, priced at $73,730 (including a $1,995 destination charge), introduces its own set of compromises, offering only a marginal price difference of $100 compared to the Power Wagon.

Having had the opportunity to spend a week with the 2023 model year Rebel, it's worth noting that the 2024 iteration remains largely unchanged, aside from a notable $2,570 price hike.

Unlock the Full Potential: Ram 2500 HD Rebel Now Available with Turbo diesel Power

For avid Power Wagon enthusiasts, the allure of the Ram HD's optional Cummins 6.7-liter turbodiesel inline-6 is undeniable, boasting an impressive output of 370 horsepower and a staggering 850 lb-ft of torque. This diesel powerhouse, however, comes at a premium of $9,795 over the standard gas 6.4-liter V-8, which delivers 410 hp and 429 lb-ft and stands as the sole engine option for the Power Wagon. The unique design of the Rebel HD, notably the absence of an electronic disconnecting front sway bar, accommodates the installation of the diesel engine, although this off-road enhancement cannot be combined with the turbodiesel's oil pan, as confirmed by Ram engineers.

Paired with the 6.4-liter V-8 is an 8-speed automatic transmission, a configuration that, admittedly, shows its age when compared to the cutting-edge 7.3-liter V-8 found in the Ford Super Duty Tremor and the 6.6-liter V-8 in the Chevrolet Silverado HD ZR2. Both of these engines are matched with 10-speed automatic transmissions and boast greater torque output than Ram's V-8.

On the other hand, the turbodiesel variant is equipped with an older 6-speed automatic transmission and falls slightly short in terms of power when compared to the available diesel engines in competitors like Chevy and Ford. Additionally, it exhibits characteristics that some may perceive as outdated, including a noticeable diesel clatter at idle, the absence of glow plugs necessitating extended cold-cranking times, and noticeable turbo lag. Despite these nuances, it's important to note that the Rebel HD remains anything but underpowered.

While it may not match the competition in terms of sheer acceleration due to its more pronounced turbo lag, the Rebel HD excels as a momentum machine on the open road, with its thrust steadily building as the turbo spools. This unique driving experience, combined with the vehicle's robust performance capabilities, cements its position as a formidable contender in the segment.

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Experience the Authentic Pickup Feel: Ram 2500 HD Rebel Delivers a True Trucking Experience

In the realm of modern pickup trucks, the days of rough and jarring rides reminiscent of lumber wagons are largely a thing of the past, thanks to remarkable strides in engineering and suspension technology. However, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel defies this trend, embodying the rugged essence of a true heavy-duty pickup truck with its unmistakably robust ride quality.

From the moment you hit the road, the Rebel HD makes its presence felt, ensuring you're always aware of its heavy-duty capabilities. Unlike its softer-sprung counterpart, the Power Wagon, the Rebel HD's Bilstein off-road shocks prioritize performance under load, resulting in a ride that's undeniably rough and tumble. While this setup may not be everyone's cup of tea, it's a testament to Ram's commitment to delivering uncompromising hauling and towing prowess.

Navigating broken pavement in the Rebel HD reveals its firm suspension tuning, with the Bilstein shocks offering limited absorption of impacts, resulting in significant cabin movement and transferring vibrations to occupants. This translates to a bumpy, occasionally jittery ride that leaves no doubt about the truck's heavy-duty pedigree. However, for those seeking even greater load-carrying capability, optional automatic self-leveling air shocks can be equipped in the rear, albeit at an added cost of $1,705. While I haven't had the opportunity to test this configuration, it promises to cater to drivers hauling exceptionally heavy loads.

In comparison, the latest Ford Super Duty Tremor exhibits less bucking and handles broken pavement with a finesse closer to that of the Power Wagon. As for the Silverado HD ZR2, my experience with it remains pending. Nevertheless, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel stands out for its unapologetically rugged ride, offering truck enthusiasts a genuine and immersive driving experience unlike any other in its class.

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Exploring Tire Options: Ram HD Rebel's All-Terrain Tires and Beyond

In the world of rugged off-road performance, tire selection plays a pivotal role in determining a truck's capabilities. The Ram HD Rebel, equipped with 33-inch Goodyear DuraTrac All-Terrain tires, shares its tire setup with its formidable sibling, the Power Wagon. These tires, renowned for their off-road prowess, deliver impressive traction and durability across a variety of terrain types. However, much like the Power Wagon, they also exhibit a characteristic loudness and constant thrum when cruising on the highway.

In a recent confirmation to Motor Authority by a Stellantis spokesperson, it was revealed that the Rebel HD offers ample clearance for larger tire options, providing buyers with the opportunity to customize their truck's performance to suit their preferences. Specifically, both 35- and 37-inch tires are confirmed to fit the Rebel HD, should buyers choose to upsize. While the fitment of 37-inch tires may result in a snug fit, according to the spokesperson, it nonetheless opens up exciting possibilities for enhancing the truck's off-road capabilities.

It's worth noting that the Super Duty Tremor, a competitor in the heavy-duty truck segment, comes standard with 35-inch tires and is also capable of accommodating 37-inch tires. This underscores the growing trend among manufacturers to offer larger tire options, catering to drivers seeking enhanced performance and versatility from their trucks.

For enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of off-road adventure, the availability of larger tire sizes presents an enticing opportunity to further enhance the capabilities of the Ram HD Rebel. Whether conquering rugged trails or navigating challenging terrain, the right tire choice can make all the difference in unlocking the full potential of this formidable off-road machine.

Exploring the Versatility of the Ram 2500 HD Rebel: A Balance of Angles and Hauling Capabilities

In the competitive landscape of heavy-duty trucks, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel stands out as a formidable contender, striking a delicate balance between off-road agility and robust hauling capabilities. Each Rebel HD model boasts a four-door crew cab paired with a spacious 6-foot-4-inch bed, providing ample room for both passengers and cargo. With a payload capacity of up to 3,140 pounds and a towing capability of 16,870 pounds, the Rebel HD surpasses its sibling, the Power Wagon, in both categories, offering enhanced versatility for drivers with demanding hauling needs.

However, in the realm of heavy-duty trucks, competition is fierce. While the Rebel HD may outshine the Power Wagon, it faces stiff competition from rivals such as Ford and Chevy. The Ford Super Duty takes the lead with an impressive towing capacity of up to 18,200 pounds and a payload capacity of 4,384 pounds, setting a high bar for the segment. Similarly, Chevy's offerings boast competitive payload and towing ratings, with up to 3,397 pounds of payload capacity and an 18,500-pound tow rating, respectively.

Despite these challenges, the Rebel HD holds its ground admirably, particularly when it comes to off-road performance. While it may not match the Power Wagon's angles precisely, it comes close, boasting a respectable 26.6-degree approach angle and a 21.8-degree breakover angle. Both Ram off-roaders share a departure angle of 26.0 degrees, ensuring they can tackle rugged terrain with confidence. Additionally, the Rebel HD's substantial ground clearance of 13.3 inches provides ample room to navigate obstacles off-road, although it falls slightly short of the Power Wagon's 14.2-inch clearance, primarily due to differences in suspension packaging.

Comparatively, the Ford Super Duty Tremor offers a ground clearance of only 10.8 inches, while the Silverado ZR2 boasts 11.6 inches, increasing to 11.8 inches with the optional Bison package. While higher ground clearances facilitate traversing off-road obstacles, they also result in more pronounced lean when navigating corners on the road, highlighting the delicate balance between off-road prowess and on-road stability.

In conclusion, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel emerges as a versatile and capable option for drivers seeking a truck that can effortlessly navigate both work sites and off-road trails. With its impressive hauling capabilities and respectable off-road performance, it continues to carve a niche for itself in the competitive heavy-duty truck market.

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Ram 2500 HD Rebel: Unveiling Off-Road Capabilities

The Ram 2500 HD Rebel stands out for its impressive off-road hardware, setting it apart in the heavy-duty truck segment. While the Power Wagon boasts a standard winch, Rebel HD buyers can opt for a 12,000-pound Warn Zeon-12 front winch, available as a $2,500 add-on, exclusively compatible with the gas engine. It's important to note that this winch option may restrict airflow, particularly for the turbodiesel engine.

Comparatively, Chevy's Silverado HD ZR2 offers a winch exclusively in its top Bison configuration, featuring an AEV-supplied front bumper. Ford's Super Duty Tremor, on the other hand, offers the option for a winch regardless of trim or engine selection.

Every Rebel HD model comes equipped with part-time four-wheel drive, a limited-slip rear differential, and an electronic rear locker for enhanced traction and control. Additionally, Ram bolsters the Rebel HD's off-road prowess with strategically placed skid plates to safeguard critical components such as the fuel tank and transfer case.

When it comes to off-road driving modes, Ford leads the pack with customizable settings that optimize the truck's powertrain, braking, and stability control systems. Chevy's Silverado HD ZR2 offers similar modes, albeit in a simpler configuration. In contrast, Ram takes a minimalist approach, eschewing specific off-road driving modes akin to the Jeep Wrangler, relying instead on the driver's expertise to navigate challenging terrain.

In essence, the Ram 2500 HD Rebel delivers formidable off-road capabilities, making it a top contender for those seeking adventure beyond the beaten path.

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Exploring the Comfort and Technology Inside the Ram 2500 HD Rebel

Stepping into the cabin of the Ram 2500 HD Rebel, it's evident that Ram continues to lead the segment with its luxurious interior appointments. From the leather-wrapped grab handles and gear shifter to the tasteful metal accents adorning the dashboard and door panels, every detail exudes sophistication and craftsmanship.

While the Rebel HD comes standard with cloth bench seats, my test model boasted plush leather-trimmed front bucket seats, part of the premium $7,800 Level 2 Equipment Group. Commanding attention at the forefront of the cabin is Ram's new 12.0-inch digital gauge cluster, offering crisp and customizable displays for essential driving information.

In the realm of infotainment, the standard 8.4-inch touchscreen has been upgraded to the available 12.0-inch touchscreen in my well-appointed test model, also part of the Level 2 Equipment Group. Powered by Stellantis' user-friendly UConnect 5 system, the touchscreen operates seamlessly, resembling the intuitive interface of an iPad. However, it's worth noting that the latest operating system has removed the split-screen capabilities previously available, opting instead for a full-screen display of CarPlay.

As equipped, my test model boasted a hefty price tag of $96,850 for the 2024 model year, attributed to a range of optional packages. These include the Safety Group package ($2,240), adding features like adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitors for enhanced safety. Additionally, the Level 2 Equipment Group ($7,800) contributed to the premium with amenities like power-folding mirrors and a rear window defroster, alongside the larger touchscreen and luxurious leather upholstery.

While the 2024 Ram 2500 HD Rebel may not claim the title of the ultimate off-road truck or the most capable hauler in the segment, it strikes a fine balance between off-road prowess and addressing the desires voiced by Power Wagon enthusiasts for years. However, it's important to note that the arrival of the Rebel HD was long-awaited, allowing competitors like Ford and Chevy to seize the opportunity and introduce newer, more capable off-road trucks in the interim.



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