It is possible to envision a Tesla Cybertruck equipped with a Porsche engine swap

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The Tesla full-size truck has been transformed into a formidable track beast, equipped with a twin-turbo flat-six powertrain sourced from the iconic Porsche 911.

It is possible to envision a tesla cybertruck equipped with a porsche engine swap 3 1Tesla Cybertruck is already one of the most impressive electric powertrucks on the market, but independent designer and illustrator Vishnu suresh aka Zephyr designz took us on a wild ride in his imagination.

Porsche flat-six engine on the back of a Cybertruck? Some crazy body kit? Oversized wheels? Suspension lower than Elon's expectations for Mars colonization? Your imagination is on fire. Let's get started with the Cybertruck's digital transformation. The custom body color add-ons match the EV's angular design language, creating a render that looks like a racing truck.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Render

Front and rear fenders are ultra-wide with integrated vents, there’s a front bumper extension with a sharp splitter and matching side sills. There’s also a rear diffuser and a huge rear wing. The big aero features are backed up with a new set of road-focused tires and an extremely lowered suspension that delivers supercar-level ground clearance.

Not satisfied with the first bodykit, Zephyr designz shared a slightly modified version with a beefed up stance. The hardcore Cybertruck gets a red paint job, new alloy wheels, and the diffuser is gone, giving us an idea of what to expect underneath the hood.

The EV powertrain is replaced by a twin-turbo, Porsche-sourced flat-six mounted at the rear of the Cybertruck. The dual exhaust pipes tell us that this Cybertruck is powered by ICE, which probably means it’s RWD, judging by the wide semi-open rear tires.

Of course, that’s a pipe dream. But an engine-less Cybertruck could lose a ton of weight without the battery. With grippy tires, a revised suspension, and better aerodynamics, you could have a Cybertruck that accelerates like crazy and tracks like nobody’s business. Whether anyone actually builds a Porsche Cybertruck in the real world remains to be seen.


Tesla CYBERTRUCK HARDCORE Bodykit Concept by Zephyr Designz 4K

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