The Maserati MC20 Dakar

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In 2023, there was a noticeable resurgence in off-road supercars with the introduction of the Porsche 911 Dakar and the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato. However, imagine if a third alternative was available, such as a Maserati MC20 that has undergone the 3D modeling expertise of car renderizer Siim Parn.

Renderizer Siim Parn Creates The Maserati MC20 Dakar

The maserati mc20 dakar 3 1We will begin by addressing the significant and completely digital underbody protection. This includes a modified front bumper with additional cladding, a more subdued bonnet, and a set of square tow hooks for situations where the driver requires assistance due to their overly ambitious approach.

Although the original alloy wheels are still present, they would probably require replacement if the MC20 Dakar were to transition from a virtual concept to a real-life sand conqueror. Would steel wheels be a suitable alternative?

Gallery: The Maserati MC20 Dakar

The diffuser has undergone a redesign, and the miniature wing has been painted to complement the updated suit of armor. It appears sleek and sturdy. However, it may pose a challenge to see through the rear due to the rear windows being concealed by a closed-shield, limiting visibility to a mere four percent. Additionally, there is a peculiar square box on top, adorned with extra lights attached to the front. It seems like an unusual contraption to incorporate into a rally raid car.

There have been no updates on potential mechanical modifications, therefore we anticipate that the MC20 will maintain its 621bhp and 538lb ft of torque. It is probable that the eight-speed transmission will distribute power to all four wheels instead of just the rear two. It is worth noting that since the car only exists in the digital world, it could hypothetically be powered by a cosmic Viking equipped with a magical hammer.


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