The Vision 357 R Concept embodies Porsche's approach to race car design

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This is how the reimagined 357 concept would appear if Porsche decided to enter it into a racing competition.

Reimagined Porsche 357 concept

The vision 357 r concept embodies porsche s approach to race car designThe Porsche Vision 357 R is a purely speculative design concept. While there is no official confirmation from Porsche regarding the production of such a vehicle, Hakosan Design has incorporated Porsche's well-established formula for track machines into this rendition.

The Vision 357 R rendering showcases vertically positioned headlights on the outer edges, contrasting with the circular lamps concealed behind perforated sections in the original concept. Additionally, the racer boasts a sizable vent on the hood, likely designed to direct air from the lower fascia over the hood and towards the prominent rear wing. Furthermore, louvers adorn the top of the fenders.


Gallery: The Vision 357 R rendering

The front fenders of the vehicle are wider, and the wheels are larger, extending along the sides. The wheels showcase a copper finish and are designed with spokes that terminate in Y-shaped patterns. In contrast to rear-facing cameras, this depiction presents the vehicle with appropriate side mirrors.

The Vision 357 R showcases sleek taillights, resembling more of a 911 in its design. A fin is situated at the rear of the roof, accompanied by a louvered section and NACA ducts on the back deck. In contrast, the Porsche concept lacks proper headlights, with the absence of lamps. The lower part features a diffuser, and the exhaust pipes are positioned closer together compared to the initial show car.

Hakosan Design envisions the Vision 357 R with a 4.2-liter flat-six engine, delivering 650 horsepower and weighing 2,425 pounds (1,100 kilograms). In contrast, the 718 Cayman GT4 RS generates 493 hp and 331 pound-feet from a 4.0-liter flat-six powerplant.

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