The Porsche 911's pop-up headlights enhance its appearance even further

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The only physical form for this latest rendering of the 911 is in virtual reality.

The porsche 911 s pop up headlights enhance its appearance even further 7

Trends in the automotive industry come and go, leaving a lasting impression on its artistic development. Pop-up headlights are one such trend that has a particular place in the hearts of car lovers. From the 1960s through the 1990s, retractable lighting units—once considered a hallmark of futuristic design—were widely used in the automobile sector.

Glen Cordle, an independent automotive designer, has created a new series of renderings with pop-up headlights for the newest Porsche 911. The virtual rendition honours the iconic 911 Slantnose, a unique 930 family model that became a cult favourite among Porsche enthusiasts, to some extent.


Gallery: Pop-up headlights on a Porsche 911 (992)

The pop-up headlights pictured here, despite their square design, appear to go well with the 992-generation 911's streamlined curves and lines. Although design is largely a matter of taste, it's probably safe to presume that turning on the headlights will severely impact the car's aerodynamics.

In these renderings, the pop-up headlights—once thought to be a future feature—give the contemporary 911 a hint of retro-futurism, resulting in a visually paradoxical image that is simultaneously avant-garde and nostalgic. Apart from their visual appeal, the incorporation of pop-up headlights in these digital illustrations initiates discussions regarding design decisions, aerodynamics, and the changing preferences of car aficionados.



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