This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Render by designer Hycade

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Although the car's design is clearly identical to that of the Evo X, there are some notable differences that make it even more aggressive.

This mitsubishi lancer evo render by designer hycade 6 1

Over the past ten years, the automotive world has bid farewell to many incredible performance vehicles, but the loss of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is one that we are still grieving over.

After constructing ten iterations of the rally-bred performance sedan, Mitsubishi discontinued the production of it in 2016. Since it is no longer available, the Subaru WRX has no conventional competition. If Mitsubishi were to bring back an earlier model, we would hope it would be the Evo.

Designer Hycade built his ideal 11th-generation Lancer Evolution to find out, and the outcomes are astounding. The car's general shape and style are very close to those of the Evo X, the 10th generation vehicle.

But Hycade has created a vehicle that is far more frightening than any of the previous Evo models, and if it were ever manufactured, enthusiasts would undoubtedly buy it.


11th-Gen Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Render

The car's front end features a prominent chin spoiler, geometric air intakes, and a gaping broad black grille. Big air vents on the bonnet and a set of pointed LED headlights also draw attention.

It's hard to miss the car's pronounced front and rear wheel arches while seeing it from the side, which give it a daring appearance on the road. A set of blacked-out wheels and noticeable aerodynamic extensions on the skirts are also present. The enormous diffuser and the large rear wing make the rear-end scream Evo.

As gorgeous as this vehicle is, a revival of the Lancer Evo is extremely unlikely. Mitsubishi has demonstrated very little interest in creating any performance vehicles and is presently concentrating on electrifying their array of crossovers and SUVs.


2024 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 11 Concept by hycade


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