Wild 1932 Ford Custom Hot Rod Featured in Stunning Render

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Rostislav Prokop, a Czech-based digital automobile renderer, is well-known for creating some absolutely astounding pieces of work.

These include anything from wide-body monsters to heavily modified vintage automobiles.
The crazy rule does not apply to this render from Prokop.
It's a 1932 Ford Custom that has undergone a major alteration to become a crazy hot rod, which Prokop has dubbed "Gimme All Your Lovin."

First, let's have a look at the colour palette.
The hot rod is mostly red, with some bold striping across the length of the body.
All of the striping blends in beautifully with the chrome accents on the car.
When it comes to the front of the automobile, the grille is totally chrome, with traditional hot rod type headlamps — nothing too extreme.
A mini-splitter looks to be hidden behind the hot rod's front fascia, with more traction likely required at the front due to the hot rod's narrower front tyres.
The engine bay is also open to the public, allowing us to admire the Ford power in all of its splendour.

We can see a lot more detail as we walk over the hot rod.
Those massive side exhausts that span from where the engine sits to just along the car's doors are maybe the most apparent.
We can't see if it has doors on both sides, but it would make getting into the Ford a challenge!
We can see these massive, bowled-over wheels as we move our gaze down the side.
Prokop is known for putting outrageous wheels on his drawings, and this hot rod is no exception.
Those wheels have a lot of room, which is ideal for the huge tyres that surround them.

Around the back of the hot rod, there are a few interesting features.
Although it isn't as visible in certain models, there appears to be a rear diffuser of some type, albeit one that is considerably smaller than some of Prokop's prior work.
The car's rear end is also obviously lifted, owing to the fact that the rear tyres are larger than the front ones.
When we look at the car as a whole, it has many traditional hot rod characteristics and is an exceptionally magnificent automobile.

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