A Grand Theft Auto V supercar has been designed by the McLaren P1 designer

shawn By On 23/10/2021 at 09:54

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Legendary car designer Frank Stephenson has recently been assessing a slew of mishmash car ideas in Grand Theft Auto V on his incredibly honest YouTube channel. Most of them, it's safe to say, he doesn't like.

In any case, Stephenson has chosen to try his hand at designing his own version of the immensely famous game, characterising the GTA design philosophy as "take two cars, mash them together, and pray like hell that you don't get sued."
I told you he was trustworthy.

Finally, Stephenson decided to unite some of his most well-known automobiles into a single design.
Take a look at the findings above — aren't they crazy?
He's also given it the wonderful designation of the FRNKNSTN, and then begins to criticise his own design.

His videos may be seen on his YouTube account.

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