The last ever Aventador bodykit from Liberty Walk is insanely expensive at $187,000!

shawn By On 05/08/2021 at 18:13

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One hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars is the amount. Most of us would never consider spending that much money on a car (about £135,000), let alone on a new bodykit for one we already own.

Still, if you're a very wealthy person who is fed up with the way your Aventador looks (how? ), Liberty Walk, a Japanese tuner, offers the solution.
This, the Silhouette Works GT-EVO, will be the company's last kit for the huge Lamborghini, with only 20 examples produced.

Isn't it a little tense?
Because this is its GT-racecar-like line, there's no signature Liberty Walk riveted bodywork, but just look at the size of that rear wing and its accompanying diffuser.
The arches are also not tiny.

Don't anticipate all 20 kits to cost $187,000 - that's assuming you want it in complete carbon fibre.
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic panels start at a lot more reasonable (kinda) $94,600.
However, you will need to purchase Liberty Walk's own Aventador exhaust, as well as new larger wheels and an air suspension system to bring it all to a halt.
It'll still be expensive.

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Liberty Walk Aventador

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