A 1,000bhp Corvette, Called the Rezvani Beast

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Presenting Beast Mk2, modelled after a Corvette C8. It's quite the name to live up to, not to mention the pedigree.


Beast Mk2

Twin-turbocharged, the base 6.2-liter V8 engine produces 1,000 horsepower (or 986 bhp if you're being technical) and 878 pound-feet of torque, which is sufficient to match the 2.5 seconds it took the previous engine to reach 60 mph. That's even though it's obviously carrying more timber now that it's based on an American hero instead of a Somerset lightweight track special. The quarter-mile will be completed by it in 9.6 seconds.

A 1 000bhp corvette called the rezvani beast 13 1Beyond their shared side vent arrangement and detachable targa top cover, it appears very different from a modern Corvette. It also, in my opinion, gives the C8's somewhat awkward mid-engined design a far more elegant look. Particularly the back is tastefully resolved, and the absence of front lights makes us long for the days of pop-up headlights. This seems to be a tribute to the classic stylistic element in the present era.

Thanks to what Rezvani refers to as "a lightweight body made with special carbonfibre using high-temperature resins that are used in the latest generation of US fighter jets," it weighs only 1,352 kg, which is around 300 kg less than a C8. Ferris Rezvani, the CEO and founder of the company, is eager to mention the motivation his father provided him with as a jet pilot.


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