The Ferrari Monza SP2 has been altered by Mansory

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Whatever your opinion of Mansory, you couldn't say the German tuner lacked bravery.

Take its newest endeavour, Mansory Bespoke, for instance. As long as your chequebook is sufficiently empty, it will practically adjust any make or model of automobile you choose.

The very first client must have had extremely large money since they ordered certain services from Mansory Bespoke and had them done to their one-of-499, £1.4 million Ferrari Monza SP2.

It's hard to say that we ever anticipated seeing one of Ferrari's "Icona" vehicles with those distinctive Mansory wheels, yet here we are.
Additionally, it receives a massive new diffuser, sharp carbon sills, and a new front lip made of carbon fibre.
Oh, and for good measure Mansory has added a stripe.

For a total of 818bhp, the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 has received a remap, a new air intake, and that new red-tipped exhaust system.

This is more than the regular 799bhp.

A crimson passenger seat and a black driver's seat have been added to the inside, if you can even call it that.

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