Lamborghini Revuelto Revealed

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On Wednesday, Lamborghini unveiled the Revuelto as its successor to the Aventador.


The New Lamborghini Revuelto Is Revealed

Even though it comes from the Spanish language and means "scrambled" or "unruly," the new name does not follow Lamborghini's practice of using names for Spanish fighting bulls.

When considering the Revuelto, the word "unruly" is probably what Lamborghini wants drivers to associate with it. The striking supercar is the most recent advancement of Lamborghini's mid-motor V-12 heritage, which traces all the way back to the Miura of the 1960s. Notwithstanding, there's a convolute this time.

The Revuelto combines plug-in hybrid technology with its V-12 engine. A trio of electric motors and a newly developed V-12—only the third in Lamborghini history—give the system 1,000 horsepower, which is enough to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds—0.3 seconds faster than the Aventador—and reach a top speed of more than 218 mph.

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The front wheels are powered by two electric motors on their own, and the rear wheels are driven by a third electric motor that is integrated into the transmission—in this instance, a brand-new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic. Depending on the 13 driving modes, this third motor can operate independently or in conjunction with the engine.

Using two dials on the steering wheel, the driver can switch between the various modes. One dial controls the powertrain and the other the undercarriage. Electric all-wheel drive is one of the modes. It is made possible by a 3.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery in the middle of the vehicle, where a typical driveshaft for an all-wheel-drive system is normally located. The Revuelto's electric range is about six miles, according to Lamborghini, making this mode only suitable for short city trips. When the chassis is set to Corsa and the powertrain is set to Performance, this mode is the most potent.

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The 6.5-liter V-12 engine is always running to ensure that the battery is charged while the powertrain delivers its full 1,000 horsepower here. Additionally, the chassis systems are set up to provide the sharpest possible responses. In this mode, the driver can also disable the electronic stability control for optimal performance, ensuring that the wheels continue to receive power even when the vehicle is at its maximum speed.

Under the body is a newly developed carbon-fiber tub, and the front of the car has a carbon-fiber frame that is not only stiffer but also lighter than the aluminum front frame of the Aventador. The front edge likewise integrates new carbon-fiber crash structures. Similar to the Aventador, aluminum is used for the rear frame. In spite of these measurements, the Revuelto weighs 490 pounds more than the Aventador in its final form, with the Revuelto weighing 3,906 pounds dry. From front to back, the weight distribution is 44-56.

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The car's design clearly evolved from that of the Aventador, but it also has a number of new features that Lamborghini claims were inspired by modern fighter jets. The front end also looks like the Terzo Millennio concept car from 2017.

The design also includes aerodynamic elements like side fins behind the front wheels that help direct air to the side intakes. Additionally, the recessed roof assists in directing air toward the active rear wing. The rear wing also has a three-setting manual control that lets the driver choose between different levels of downforce.

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The instrument cluster on the inside of the Revuelto is displayed on a digital screen that floats at 12.3 inches. The infotainment hub is a portrait-oriented second screen on the center stack, and the third screen is in front of the passenger. Swiping across the three screens allows for the sharing of information, and Lamborghini emphasizes the passenger's role as co-pilot.

Lamborghini hasn't said when Revuelto deliveries will begin in the United States; pricing has also not been announced, but it is expected to start around 500,000 euros (approximately $542,000).

Lamborghini's transition to an entirely electric brand is about to be accelerated with the Revuelto's arrival. Every Lamborghini will be electric by the end of 2024. In the first half of 2024, Lamborghini will introduce the plug-in hybrid Huracán, which will be the successor to the Urus. Twin-turbo V-8 engines are expected to power both models.







Lamborghini Revuelto: an electrifying evening for a revolutionary day​

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